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Welcome to Patrick's Teen-Baby Diaper Page

TeenBaby's rule and kick ass!!!:)

I am just moving in. Thank you for visiting though! I should have pics and stories soon! I am a 15 year old straight male,and I am usually on classic teen baby. I started liking diapers when I was 9.I found some old diapers and wore them and then after awhile I forgot then when I was in junior high (the worst 2 years of my life) I found some more diapers and started wearing since I was 13 years old and now I am 15 years old. I have only recently found out that there are actually other people who are the same as me. If you want to chat or just have a question just e-mail me at and if you have a pic that I can put in my pic page I am adding, don't hesitate to give it to me.It will probably be put in it. Most pics will be accepted for it. Thanks.

Yo! My name Pat and I live da' hood. I hope you like my page I think it's good.
I'm Spreadin' my wordz or peace and love. From near and far and below and above.
I'm 15 years old and go to McLean High. And I like to write raps in my spare time.
Don't forget to e-mail at this address. and here's the rest.
This is the end of my rap.I hope you think it wasn't crap.

To all those teen babies out there, you are the coolest!!!

Patrick's Baby teen Traveling Kit

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Patrick's New Planet

Patrick's New Planet

Totally Amazing!!

Cool Penguin [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE]

At the top is a list of rules you nead to follow when you are at my homepage. Because some day. Maybe not today, or tommorrow, but some day I will "TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!" you will be able to Set your own class schedules and eat what you want when you want to. And Cable TV will be free and so is the Internet. This will be paradise.

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This is for serious gamers. Send me questions, comments, codes, and anything else game realated and I will respond to you A.S.A.P. I like playstation very much and hit has a lot of great games such as (Tekken3, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy 7). But I have to stick to my nintendo. I have almost all nintendo game systems.

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